• 12 Billion Media Impressions
  • 1,211 Placements
  • Xbox Metacritic Score : 79

Developer: Aesir Interactive
Publisher: Astragon
Release Date: June  2021

To accompany the release of Indie puzzle platformer Tandem a tale of Shadows, HomeRun PR designed a 6 month communication campaign with the objective to increase the game’s awareness and support pre-orders and day 1 sales numbers.

From the game’s first announcement to the post launch accolades trailer, HomeRun PR worked with Monochrome studio to identify the keys features and formulate messages that were used on a monthly basis to share information with media in regards to the game. In addition to 2 hands-on impressions rounds and review outreach efforts, HomeRun PR helped with featuring Tandem a Tale of Shadows at the Mix Gamedev Direct, Gamespot E3 Play for All and IGN’s Gamescom Indie Awesome showcase.

Since the campaign began in March 2021, HomeRun PR secured 1,211 placements with 134 reviews, 58 previews, 154 Let’s Play videos/streams (YouTube/Twitch channels), 619 news pieces, five interviews, and 241 round-up placements. The campaign generated more than
12 billion media impressions.

Coverage highlights include Yahoo, Washington Post, IGN, The Independent, Screen Rant, Game Rant, Comic Book Resources, NME, Collider, GamePressure, Softpedia, Bleeding Cool, PC Invasion, Gematsu, PlayStation Trophies, Gamer Escape, Gamespew, DualShockers, PlayStation Lifestyle, Hardcore Gamer, TheSixthAxis, Xbox Achievements.

On the influencer side, notable Let’s Play videos were created on various channels such as Gamer’s Little Playground, Throneful, Shirrako, GameTrailers, Wishing Tikal, AyChristeneGames, DanQ8000, Game Cinematics, LeStream Replay, Duck360Gaming2, Rubhen925, The Sheep Broadcast, Get Indie Gaming, ContraNetwork, Shawn K The King, 8-Bit Eric, and AllGamesWorldHD.

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