• 10 Billion media impressions
  • 387 articles & videos
  • Metacritic Score PC : 78
  • Yotube and Twitch Videos : 69

Developer: Abrakam
Publisher: Nacon
Release Date: June  2021

The launch of  Roguebook for PC presented itself as a challenge due to the release timing (E3) and the competition found within its genre itself (Roguelike deck builder). Nevertherless, focusing on the studio’s reputation and honing on co-creator Richard Garfield’s collaboration, HomeRun PR managed to secure 387 placements with both media and influencers. Roguebook obtained a metacritic score of 78 composed of 23 metacritic reviews.

Notable coverage includes features from Vice, PCgamer, IGN, Screen Rant, Gamespot, CBR, Gamerant, Lifewire, The Gamer, PCGamesN, The Next Web, USA Today, Twinfinite, Gematsu, Shacknews, Wanderbots, Splatter Cat Gaming, Baer Taffy and Retromation.

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