• 387 Million Media Impressions
  • 210 articles / 42 reviews / 31 Let’s Play videos 
  • 21 Metacritic Review Features

HomeRun PR executed a 3 month communication campaign for indie Retro Shooter Hellbound. In total, HomeRunPR secured 210 placements across media and influencers. This number includes 111 news placements, 42 reviews, 31 Let’s play videos, and inclusions in 25 round-ups and recaps. These placements combined created a total of over 387 Million media impressions

The general media reception for Hellbound has been largely positive. The majority of games reviewers applaud it for setting a goal of capturing a 90’s shooter aesthetic and completing it well. The graphics, guns, and writing of the game work well together and provide a tight, cohesive experience. The main critique of the game is that it is too short, even though the game is appropriately priced.

Notable media placements include IGN, Giant Bomb, LADBible, VG247, Bloody Disgusting, PC Gamer, Game Informer, Kotaku, Gamesradar, Screen Rant, PCGamesN, TheGamer, ShackNews, Destructoid, Gameskinny, and TheSixthAxis. 

Notable influencer videos on the game came from Throneful (1.65M Subscribers), Matt McMuscles (294K Subscribers), Worth a Buy (261K Subscribers), and Alpha Beta Gamer (252K Subscribers).

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